My family

Just call me The Mymble. The Mymble is a character from the Moomin books and she is defined as “the mother of a very large and unspecified number of children”. As The Mymble, I thought it was a good idea to nickname my kids according to the characters in the Moomin books. Stick with me, I may just change my mind later. I’ve been married to The Joxter for 10 years. Together, we have 4 gorgeous children. Our oldest and only boy is 6 years old. I’ll call him Snork. In the Moomin books, Snork likes to come up with new inventions and he’s considered a bit of a know-it-all. Second in line is our oldest daughter. She is 4 years old and I’ll call her Mym – short for Mymble’s daughter. In the books, she is described as very independent and carefree with long legs and glossy reddish-yellow hair. My second daughter will be Little My. Little My is fiery and irritable, but also happy and friendly, and she wants to decide things for herself – just like my almost-3-year old. Last, but not least is our baby girl. She is 8 1/2 months old, starting to try the crawling thing with two sharp little fangs. I’ll call her Thingumy, because it’s cute. This blog will hopefully be my outlet for everything going on in our life and my dealings with it.

I love my family dearly and one of our biggest passions is adoption. We would love to add a couple more little faces to our family and desire to add the little ones who have no-one else. Our little family moved to Australia recently and we’re getting used to life in another country. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make our adoption dreams come true here. We are also a Christian, homeschooling family. That’s us!

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